New Update: Friends List Completely Blank
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What is happening:
With the new update, I opened my book to see if any friends were online, only to see it completely blank as if I had never added anyone. Using the "find friends" feature allows me to send invites to add friends I already had as if they were not my friend.

What should be happening:
I should have my friends list populated with the several dozen friends I've made. There were many irreplaceable ponies there.

Steps to reproduce the issue:

  1. Update the game to the newly released version

2 )All your friends are gone

Game client version:
v 2018.03.01

Reproduced by:
At least one person in chat who I can't remember the name of said it happened to them and "the devs knew about it and were working to fix it" but I don't see any evidence of that here, so I created this. I was shocked to not see almost every player freaking out about this, as it's kind of a major thing.

Reproduced on:
Windows 7 64

I hope a player's friends list is stored server-side and it can just be repopulated to what it was before this update with a fix, otherwise I will have almost no reason to play anymore if I have to try to remember all the people I would need to manually re-add.

Same there, i can confirm that too - had lots of friends in the list, now they're all gone.

Windows 10 Pro x64, latest build (v 2018.03.01)

Just saw the note about this on the updates page, don't know if that note was added in after I posted this report or if I just accidentally read right over it before I posted, but either way as long as it's a known issue, this post is redundant. Apologies.

Appears to have been fixed, would close this task if I could.

Confirming that, but there's also another bug found in friends list - add/block/ignore buttons aren't working.
Might fill another bug report for that?

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Thank you for checking our updates and updating the post. I'm closing this issue now. The add/ignore/block issue is also known and is being worked on, but will require another client update.