Bank displays a visual bug when using it the first time for that room.
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What is happening:
Bank displays impossible number of bits and 255 storage before it shows the correct amount, which you need to insert/remove a item to see.

What should be happening:
Should always correctly display the right amount.

Steps to reproduce the issue:
Open the bank for the first time, doesn't seem to repeat itself as long as you don't leave the room/Cantermore

Game client version:
Windows 64 bit, Launcher 0.4, v2018.03.01

Reproduced by:

Reproduced on:
Window 10, 64x

Crash logs or exceptions generated:

First time accessing, before doing anything

After putting a single item in, it corrects itself

I have that problem too on my character.
Galapagois asked me to test it with a fresh foal which has done 0 quests to narrow the problem down whether it is either a per character or an account-wide problem.

To repeat, the character I usually play has those high numbers. (Which happen to be the minimum integer without the minus sign and maximum byte.)
But my foal - which has done 0 quests - does NOT have that problem. It shows 0 Bits and 0/24 bank slots right away.

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Fixed as of build v2018.10.01