removing cookies and browsing data, reward not given
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After completing the quest "removing cookies and browsing data reward not given" I have not received the reward "Hullabaloos headphones" the reward XP was given but the headphones were not.

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I should have received one of "hullabaloos Headphones", however i did not.

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i launched the game, and started to do the quest from where i left off, i had to ask wayward about the cookies, i then proceeded to play out the quest as it tells you to. When i got to hullabaloo to give him the money, the dialog played out as it should and i received the XP that is given upon completing the quest, however i did not get the headphones, which i should have.

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Rattletrap closed this task as Resolved.Aug 5 2018, 7:30 PM

Two possibilities, both of which have been fixed in more recent builds: 1) Your inventory was full at the time -- fixed by adding quest-specific inventory; 2) Item is in quest inventory -- scroll to bottom of inventory to see quest inventory. Move item from quest inventory to regular inventory in order to use item.