It belongs in a museum glitch
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What is happening:
After talking to Pyrite,, unable to talk to Fire Opal. Clicking her talk button does nothing. Going back to try and talk to Pyrite again gives a script error.

What should be happening:
should be able to talk to Opal to continue quest

Steps to reproduce the issue:

talk to Pyrite > Talk to Opal > try talking to Pyrite again


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This is likely linked to the issue that some players have not being able to talk to NPCs at all. I've talked to Opal just fine on my end, but some players like you couldn't make it past that.
Also try doing it on Europonia.

Also, make sure that you have the package. The quest will not progress if you do not have the package in your inventory.

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Closing this as indications are that it was fixed in more recent builds.