Sandwich Stall (it's working now?) - Quest progression / markers not showing
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What is happening:
After speaking to Honey Glaze, the quest actually started for once (wasn't expecting to work because afaik it was disabled deliberately).
I didn't receive any quest markers to follow (I'm not sure if that is expected), but the quest did become active with one goal (to visit Honey Glaze).

While I was able to go trotting around and talk to the ponies involved in the quest, they didn't have any markers overhead, and they weren't clearing any "Markers" as I went along.

Upon completion of the quest I received a full set of markers suggesting seperate tasks for the individual samples.
What should be happening:
I'm not sure if what I experienced is the expected behavior. Other than the missing markers the quest appeared to work perfectly okay.

Steps to reproduce the issue:
Reset quest "Sandwich Stall."
Talk to Honey Glaze and start the quest.

Screenshots: - Showing completed quest with tasks for individual samples

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