Cutting it Close
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What is happening:
Quest given in the wrong state and is repeatable. The state of the quest suggest you should already have received the quest item from the Skyhammer to deliver it to Final Ink.

What should be happening:
Dialog option for being given the quest by Skyhammer along with the quest item should appear.

Steps to reproduce the issue:

  • Launch Game
  • Play as adult unicorn
  • Talk to Final Ink at Cantermore Library with no quests that require to talk to the NPC.
  • Pick the response "Nope, I just wonder how long it would take to annoy you."
  • You will have received the quest "Cutting it Close" in a state where the game thinks you lost the quest item you are meant to deliver.
  • Follow quest marker to Skyhammer.
  • Talk to Skyhammer and receive his book, after being scolded for losing it.
  • Deliver the book to Final Inc.
  • Return to Skyhammer to complete the quest.

Reproduced by:
Found bug when looking for quests to do in Cantermore.

If applicable, give a direct link to screenshots/GIFs/videos of the issue, annotated to show exactly what's going wrong

I hope I reported it correctly.

Rattletrap closed this task as Resolved.Sep 7 2018, 5:00 AM

This issue has been fixed as of build v2018.08.01