Clearing Up the Rainy Days - Loadsa Monet doesn't give the quest
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What is happening:
Loadsa Monet doesn't give the quest. In the conversation I have 3 choices:

  1. "I'm still window shopping."
  2. "What have you been up to recently?"
  3. "I still don't see anything that piques my interest."

Neither choice leads to him giving me the quest. After I respond with "What have you been up to recently?" the conversation ends without any sort of response from Loadsa Monet.

What should be happening:
The conversation should lead to Loadsa asking me to cheer up his marefriend.

Steps to reproduce the issue:
I have completed all other quests that involve Loadsa Monet (save for the Nightmare Night special). I believe in this order:

  1. Fission Mailed
  2. We'll Fix It In Post

I tried getting the Rainy Days quest only after I had done the above-mentioned quests.