All my skills in medical have been reset / de-activated
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What is happening:
I was just checking out my skills in medical and I’ve noticed they've all been reset (for some weird reason). All of my skills in Medical (except for Resuscitation) are supposed to be maxed out. It shows that I've only reached Lv. 3 in Transfusion, Triage and Regenerative Aura (...and Lv. 2 in Resuscitation)

...and that's not all. While I DO have Transfusion and Resuscitation in my hot-keys, it shows me that I haven't learned the skill and it requires 500 TP (training Points) in order to re-learn / re-activate the move...Can you explain to me WHY this has happened??? I don't want to have to create a new character because of this :(

What should be happening:
All of my skills in medical (besides resuscitation, which should be Lv. 3 / half-way) should be maxed out and I should be able to re-activate Transfusion and Resuscitation whenever I want...

Steps to reproduce the issue:
I dunno what happened. Two days ago, it was just fine. Now all of a sudden, this happens...

Game client version:
I got this from the latest version of the game (A.K.A the Holiday Update V 0.1.10)

Reproduced on:
32 bit :)

(...and as you can see in that screen-shot, I have Transfusion set as "number 6" on my key-board / hot-keys. If I made a mistake and if I were to drag it off-screen, I would lose the ability to use Transfusion forever as I'm already Lv. 50 and I can no longer get TP (training points) in order to re-activate it)

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He's not the only one with this problem. The medical tree has done something very weird. I had most of mine maxed out as well, and I'm casting the abilities like a lvl 1 again. Also, the tp values for the skills have been changed from 20 each to slightly different values, and I'm pretty sure that is not supposed to be the case. Base Transfusion is marked at 500 TP right now.

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