Skill Tree - Medical Talent skills and upgrades all greyed out, gone and 0 Talent Points available
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What is happening:
It happened to me that all Medical skills and upgrades are greyed out.
Moon Flower's 4 talents are all at level 50.
Even though the base skills are greyed out too, I still am able to use those and to drag and drop them.
But the upgrade bonuses are all gone. (E.g. Triage's cooldown is back to 10 seconds or the radius of Regenerative Aura is back to small.)
Furthermore I ended up having 0 Talent Points, same as before, but as I basically have none spent anymore, it should be back to 1,000.

Side note: It seems that you are working on the Medical talent as I see the Talent Point costs having changed.

This issue seems not to be bound on race or server after having had a conversation with other players.

Moon Flower (Me): Medical Level 50, Earth Pony, Server Europonia
Status: As described above.

Tomlock (Discord): Medical Level 10, Unicorn, Server Amareicas
Status: Same issue as Moon Flower.

Midnight Aurora (Discord): Medical Level 13, Unicorn, Server Amareicas
Status: Base skills greyed out, but upgrades are not. Upgrades are still working.

What should be happening:
Choose at least one or any compromise between those:
• Unspent Talent Points should be back to 1,000 TP
• Afforded upgrades should work again
• The Medical Talent should be locked for everypony

Steps to reproduce the issue:
I don't know how to reproduce it but I gathered that this issue manifests differently to different users.
• It isn't dependent on the character's (talent) level
• It isn't dependent on what server is played on
• It isn't dependent on the race

Game client version:
0.1.10 (current)

Reproduced by:
Me (Moon_Flower)
Tomlocke (from Discord)
Midnight Aurora (from Discord)

Reproduced on:
Moon Flower: Windows 10 Home 64-bit (10.0, Build 16299)

Crash logs or exceptions generated:
Not applicable

Mine (Moon Flower):

Midnight Aurora: