Rehearsal Roundup - Invited all ponies but Pitch Perfect says I invited only 16
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What is happening:
I found and interacted with all the ponies and bombarded them with music sheets, no matter if they liked it or not.
All steps in the quest journal are correctly marked as done (purple).
When I get back to the two quest givers (Pitch Perfect & Choral Codex), I get told that only 16 ponies have been invited and I get the dialogue option to invite all.
I can't interact with the ponies because I did already and gave everypony a music sheet.

This glitch might be related to this one:

What should be happening:
Pitch Perfect and Choral Codex should kneel down and thank me for bothering every single pony for their cause.
They should acknowledge that I pestered every single pony they wanted me to bother about their score and invitation.
They should not say that I talked to 16 ponies only; instead they should say something like, "Nice, you really talked to all of them."

Steps to reproduce the issue:
I don't know how, my guess would be to just retry the quest to find it out, but I can't do that.

Reproduced by:
Myself (Moon_Flower)

Quest steps are all marked as done:

Pitch Perfect and Choral Codex accusing me of having done a bad job:

I will open another ticked about this, but as it might be related, I will post a screenshot that shows that my music sheets have been multiplied during the quest:

Yes, I have currently 8009 Song Sheet Music.
Here's the other ticket:

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