Candy Shower breaks mobs
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What is happening:
Candy rain can cause mobs to freeze in one place and go into an endless attack animation loop. They do not do damage, and cannot be damaged.

Breaking a mobs pathfinding (running away, jumping over something to make them take a new route) while they are in/near a Candy Shower is one way to cause this. I have not tested other skills, but none of this seems to happen normally.

What should be happening:
Candy Shower should not glitch mobs out.

Steps to reproduce the issue:
1 - Go the hexagonal rocks in the heartlands, where the lv45 naiads are
2 - Get the attention of a naiad, then step onto one of the small raised platforms where they spawn
3 - Cast Candy Shower, then walk towards the edge of the platform until they run away
4 - They will stop somewhere nearby, begin the attack animation loop, and turn invincible

Game client version:

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Reproduced on:
Linux 64 bit

Crash logs or exceptions generated: