Someone Else's Pony
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What is happening:
One time the character window displayed a character that wasn't my own.

What should be happening:
My character should show and not someone else's.

Steps to reproduce the issue:
it sometimes happens when entering the character selector.

Game client version:
LoE Launcher

Reproduced by:

Reproduced on:
Windows 10 64-bit

Crash logs or exceptions generated:


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Happened to me once, I lost my pony and someone else said they had her in their list

Do you have the debug log from the client? it exists next to the loe client executable

is this the log?

Happened to me as well last night when trying to log in. Found ponies called Roseluck, Blue Pants, and Sprinkle Medley waiting for me instead of my own.

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This issue has been resolved as of build v0.1.6.