Ensemble's new costume glitch.
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What is happening:
in the new quest for Ensemble's new Christmas costume, he sends you to Marvell to gather some special felt. when you talk to Marvell thou, he gives you a lantern Crystal instead (the Crystal is spelled as cyrstal btw, Little headsup). meaning you can't finished the quest because there is no other place to get felt.
i have tried talking to Marvell again, who says he already had given you the felt and when you talk to Ensemble, he will tell you that you need to give him all materials he needs, meaning it is not invisible or looks like something else, it is not there at all.

What should be happening:
Marvell should give you his "special felt" instead of a Lantern Crystal.
he does give you one because i noticed that after talking him, i suddenly had a lantern crystal in my inventory, i know it isn't just a icon bug or something because after i gathered a few more lantern Crystals, they stacked up and did not make a entirely new stack.

Steps to reproduce the issue:

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i'm afraid i didn't make any screenshots.

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