Dance Skill for Journal Talent Page
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Image of WP asking to have a Dance Skill Tree Talent added to the Journal's Index page for new Talent.

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Why? hehe

Found a YouTube video that shows some variations of dance moves you might look at for inspiration.
...this is a YouTube video link of a Pony Music Video (PMV) of "I Believe In Love"
one of the particular movements that I find interesting and unique can be found at time: 1:25 & 2:22
another at time: 1:48
time: 1:55
time: 2:08

Yet another YouTube video for inspiration of dance skill moves.

I know and understand you guys are up to your tails in other more important fixes... it may only be a wishlist item... but for the daily activity of LoE... Dancing is very important to the social welfare of the game's environment and the pony-players.