Able to delete quest item - Thirty Minutes or Less
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I accepted the quest mentioned abovehead from Storm Chaser in Cloudopolis, but i accidentely deleted the package required to be delivered from my inventory, so i cant finish the quest.

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Need to make quest items not deletable or add a way to get deleted quest items back.

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Unmovable quest items have been implemented as of v0.1.10 (December 24 2017).

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A glitch fix has been put in. After the next server reset, go see Old Quest Marker Fix at the Cantermore Train Station and talk to him. One of the options should be to fix Thirty Minutes or Less. As long as you haven't done a second try at delivering the package, you should be able to try again. Or if you've already tried twice, Old Quest Marker Fix can just cancel the objective, deleting the marker.