Status update lag during combat
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What is happening:
Marked as resolved elsewhere, it is NOT resolved. When there are a lot of consecutive messages caused by battling several creatures at once, the messages get so backed up that they take several minutes to catch up once you stop fighting. Dragons move in a fraction of a second. How are we meant to fight?

What should be happening:
Our status should show our current status, not something that happened a dozen or two enemies ago.

SUGGESTION: Don't report every time our character gains or loses an energy or health point. Instead, report on the CURRENT status of a pony every half second. We don't need to know if we lost 10 points, then 20 points then gained 5 then lost 10 then gained 5 etc. All we need to know is how many points we have right now.

Steps to reproduce the issue:
Use a login that has a "high" ping value. Even 100 will do. Don't test it locally. Unsure if the ping actually has an effect, but it may be contributing.

Game client version:
0.1.9 (auto updated)

Reproduced by:
Just about everybody who has tried to fight

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I finished a fight and my status bars were going up and down for 8 minutes, not doing anything just standing there. No other lag to report, pony moves fine, can look around fine. This is really bad when you faint as you can not respawn, or do anything, till your HP bar hits zero.

Been having the same problem when battling monster groups in Everfree. Health continues to fall for no reason after the battle, when there's no enemies anywhere.

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Issue has been addressed in more recent builds.