Full Yellow Jacket
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Full Yellow Jacket is a pegasus quest where you must perform Cyclone on a cloud. I had the quest before I understood combat abilities, and so I used the basic Ground Pound and Bubble Barrage attacks to defeat the cloud.

What is happening:
The cloud is gone but the quest cannot continue because I didn't use cyclone to defeat it. When I try to talk to Sunlit Chaser, nothing happens.

What should be happening:
Well, I guess the cloud should come back so I can properly attack it, now that I know how to use Cyclone.

Steps to reproduce the issue:
Make a pegasus pony, get the quest (talk to some of the other little pony students; I don't remember all the steps exactly but I can try to remember if necessary), and destroy the cloud without using Cyclone.

leweaver created this task.Nov 14 2017, 5:20 AM
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This quest is not at a public testing state. It is no longer accessible by general players. If your pony currently has this quest, please go to Old Quest Marker Fix in Cantermore, near the train station and have him remove the quest.