Can't get twigs
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What is happening:
While doing the quest Costume of the Night I have talked to the 2 ponies and got their items, but I can't get the twigs from living bushes. I got 1 single twig the first time I killed one but they don't drop any more twigs, making the completion of the quest impossible. Restarting the game and switching server doesnt solve the problem.

What should be happening:
Each living bush should drop one twig, for a total of 8, in order to complete the quest.

Steps to reproduce the issue:
-Start quest Costume of the Night
-Talk to Bluebelle and Loadsa Monet and get their items.
-Kill living bushes.

Reproduced by:

Not needed.

I just tried again and in less than 1 minute I got several drops.
Last time I was for a while killing them on the evershade and I didn't got a single twig but the first one, tried again on the heartlands and again didn't got a single one so I thought it was bugged, I guess I just had bad luck, thanks.

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The twig drops are a percentage drop, so they don't occur all the time. The same applies to other mob drops in the game with some being rarer and others being more common.