Hag's hat has a strange bigger box than intended
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What is happening:
There a invisible box on the top edges that is see through that can also cause strange oddness

What should be happening:
The invisible part of the hat should probably be lowered down to what is visible on the hat itself.

Steps to reproduce the issue:
Get a Hag's hat and put it on, then look very closely when you have certain mane styles, as well as looking on the top edges of it to notice some strangeness, it works best if you use long bigger mane styles to notice. You can also notice manes and most tails vanish when seeing through this invisible edges (best I can describe it, but I have a pic of that anyways)

Game client version:
Launcher 0.4 Windows, Vers. 0.1.9

Reproduced by:

Reproduced on:
Windows 10, 64 bit

Crash logs or exceptions generated:


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Dorumon21 created this task.Nov 1 2017, 7:49 AM

Figures I find the report on this after I made one after checking least once then finding it too late...

There was one made earlier I didn't see that also show this problem. T1891