A Book too Far quest glitch
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What is happening:

When I was talking to Gypsum in Crystal Kingdom again because this pony was very interesting to interact with, there was this second option which confused me as to what it was. I clicked on it then another pony popped out beside Gypsum in our chat. Not the general chat but the GUI...I think that's what you call it. I see her name to be Marshmallow Cream and was very rude to my character, problem is...I don't see her...she's invisible and not inside the library in CK. Which confused me more was that the quest was to take some book to Gypsum...who was right beside me.

What should be happening:

I thought I had to go look for quests in CK to gain experience so if I find Marshmallow Cream I would've gotten the same quest: A Book too Far...just not to see her invisible form in the library. Then once the quest is done it shouldn't repeat itself...but it did.

Steps to reproduce the issue:

  1. I went to the library in the Crystal Kingdom
  2. Talk to Gypsum
  3. At the second option, there's this message that says Iqueststage? <A Book Too Far> = 3
  4. Ghostly Marshmallow pops out of nowhere and gives you the quest A Book Too Far
  5. Deliver said book to Gypsum...who is a few meters in front of you
  6. Be nice to her and she gives you 30 bits and socks...talk to Gypsum and repeat steps 1-3 you can redo it again apparently.

Reproduced By:
Tailstar had the same glitch but he saw Marshmallow in Cantermore instead. http://phabricator.legendsofequestria.com/T1873