Bat ears not showing and pegasi + batwings at the same time
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What is happening:
So, when I log in and wear bat ears i can see them just fine, but other ponies can't.
I tried switching rooms to make them appear, to no success.
When I relog other ponies can see the bat ears for a split second before they get replaced with the normal ears again.
If the other ponies switch room or relog they can see it.

So it appears to be an issue with broadcasting / rendering the change "normal ear" --> "bat ear" not working correctly.

Fun addition: if you un-wear the bat-ears in such a state the other ponies will see you as having no ears

The same applies to the bug where a pegasus has pegasus and batpony wings at the same time

What should be happening:
The ears should show

Steps to reproduce the issue:
see above

Game client version:

Reproduced by:
IDK about the details but i heard others saying that they can't see bat ears correctly or ears all the way gone, so it might also be on windows etc.

Reproduced on:
linux 64 bit

Crash logs or exceptions generated:


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It appears that the glitch for pegasi having batwings and normal wings is triggered in the exact same way

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Fixed in more recent builds.