Strange bug with quest "It`s All About Me"
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What is happening:
As soon as I entered the Crystal Empire, I had an exclamation mark on the map, I went on it, and met a pony named Autumn Breeze, over which an exclamation mark was hovering. I talked to her and the quest "It`s All About Me" , I made the first item (I brought a cookie), talked to her, understood nothing, looked in the magazine, but there was no second item, just no.
I was surprised and went to Wikipedia to see how to do it. I did as it was written there, I finished the quest. But an exclamation mark was hovering over the pony, but it was not on the map. The quest was completed.

What should be happening:
The exclamation mark should not have appeared on the map at all, he appeared there himself.

Steps to reproduce the issue:
All steps were written in the first paragraph, I hope this will be enough.

Reproduced by:
Unfortunately, I do not know who else could have such bugs, but they definitely had others.


Did you earlier complete the quest Rehearsal Roundup? If so, then the quest marker is left over from that. A fix for extra quest markers is in the works, but not yet completed.

Rattletrap closed this task as Resolved.Apr 3 2018, 12:17 AM

Closing this up since nopony replied and the issue has been fixed in more recent builds.