Flying issue- Pony doesn't fly straight after a maneuver
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What is happening:
When I fly my pegassus, she sometimes doesn't go back to level flight after a maneuver. She is flying nose down, leaned to a side, still in "sprint" mode, or combination of all mentioned. Pony is returning to that state after every other maneuver I try. It usually corrects itself upon landing, but on some ocassions the pony remains leaned even after landing. Then usually some jumps or terrain slope changes are necessary to fix the issue.

What should be happening:
Pony should level back to normal flight after I release controls.

Steps to reproduce the issue:
AFAIK this happens when I use right mouse button and left/right arrows to steer my pony simultaneously. Then if I do some maneuvers, after a while this happens.
I tried to reproduce the issue with Forward + RMB steering and Arrows only steering, but it seems it only happens if you use both of them.

Game client version:
Current, from launcher.

Reproduced by:

Reproduced on:
Win 10, 64 bit

Crash logs or exceptions generated:

Taken after maneuvering, all controls released and view centered (almost- it is quite hard without good referential point)

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Not sure how useless this information is, but I can confirm that this happens to me too. I only use arrows to steer though and it still happens. I'm on Win8.1 64bit.

Might be helpful in figuring out the problem but if you aerial flip around soon as you go into flight mode, you'll be flying tilted until you land, rarely staying like that after a landing.

If you wait a bit, holding still for a few wing flaps, this won't happen and everything should work as normal, least when i tested it.