I could not complete the quest "Costume of the Night"
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What is happening:
Quest "Costume of the Night" I broke, that is, I can not get through it, because I did not get one thing.

What should be happening:
Bluebell had to give me the cardboard, and I could calmly finish the quest and get a bat suit.

Steps to reproduce the issue:

  1. I had a filled inventory.
  2. I wanted to take the cardboard from Bluebell, she would have to give it to me.
  3. This item of the quest was protected, but I did not receive the cardboard.
  4. I took Rainbow Ink from another NPS, it was also protected, and the error itself began.
  5. The quest in the book seemed to start anew, but in fact it is not.

Reproduced by:
There is no such.

1.Bluebell no longer wants to give me the cardboard.
2.Strange failure with the quest.

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This issue should be resolved with fixes that were applied earlier.