Mindless Violins Pyrite Bug
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What is happening:
After the Mindless Violins quest, the last step was to "Talk to Astral again". So I did that, earning my rewards, then the quest would end. But after the dialogs, the quest mark was still on the map, leading me to Pyrite for some reason.

What should be happening:
The quest mark above Pyrite should be gone since the quest is already finished.

Steps to reproduce the issue:
Im not really sure of the order but I guess its by this order. (And you have to be graduated)

  1. Talk to Midnight Breeze (under a tree beside the ponydale schoolhouse) to start the Mindless Violins quest.
  2. Talk to Astral
  3. Talk to Swift
  4. Talk to Mercury
  5. Talk to Swift again
  6. Talk to Pyrite
  7. Talk to Midnight again
  8. Talk to Astral again

***9. Talk to Pyrite again (This is where the quest mark should be gone)

  1. Speak with Swift for the third time
  2. Talk to Midnight again
  3. Talk to Hullabaloo
  4. Talk to Flan
  5. Talk to Spud
  6. Speak with Midnight yet again
  7. Speak with Swift yet again
  8. Talk to Midnight for the last time
  9. Go back and talk to Astral

Reproduced by:
I guess its only a bug for me. Plus, is there a way I can delete and restart this quest?


Rattletrap closed this task as Resolved.Nov 12 2017, 4:45 AM

There is now a way to remove the left-over objective marker. Please go see Old Quest Marker Fix at the Cantermore Train Station. If you have completed the quest and still have an extra objective marker, he should give you an option to remove it.