The letter of the law vs. the spirit of the law glitched
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What is happening:
i completed the quest succesfully but it shows that i still need to talk to spindle, even tho i talk to her again i have the choice to do the quest again or it just talks about after the quest is done. but when i end the conversation the "!" mark still apears on her head. (i did the glitch again to make sure how it was reproduced but this time it appears on stoneshadow) and i still have the salt but i can't give it to spindle so i just deleted it

What should be happening:
the "!' mark on their heads should be gone

Steps to reproduce the issue:
i started the quest by talking to spindle then went to stoneshadow and forced stoneshadow to give the salt i came back then i told her if i could help with anything (by mistake) and she said yes but i remembered that i didn't complete the quest so i refused but when i talked her again and asked her about her "problem" she said "ah, ready to help now?" i was confused so i pressed yes then the quest restarted itslef without me giving the salt. and so they have a "!' mark stuck in their heads after i completed the quest completely.

Reproduced by:
i think it's only me

the "!" mark:

the quest book to prove the quest is complete:

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Yes, same happened to me, I made a similar report: T1858

Rattletrap closed this task as Resolved.Oct 22 2017, 3:50 PM

A fix has been deployed for this issue. However, for those who have already completed the quest, it will still show the objective marker error. There is currently no fix available for that.