Missing NPCs in "Equestrian Werepony in the Evershade" Quest
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What is happening:
As I head into Town Hall area to speak with the others ("Meet your friends back at Town Hall"), they aren't appearing despite the ! marker itself appearing where they would be.

What should be happening:
The NPCs I was with inside the Evershade Forest should still be in the area even when I'm off doing other Quests.

Steps to reproduce the issue:
1.) Started playing LoE and stuck with going through the Evershade Quest.
2.) I finished all the other objectives under said Quest but wanted to take care of other Quests before I advanced to the final objective.
2.) Once I did, I return back to Town Hall to complete the final objective only to find the NPCs no longer there.

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Twinny created this task.Oct 16 2017, 6:27 PM

Which other quests did you complete before you returned to the Town Hall?

Pretty much all the other subquests under it, if that's what you meant.