Tasks still open after quest completition.
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What is happening:
I have problem with my character "Riva Stellans". There are three quests, already marked as complete, but one of the tasks still remains open after quest completition. Those are:

  1. We'll fix it in post - Talk to Loadsa Monet
  2. Good Egg - Fetch eggs from Farmer Fields
  3. Mindless Violins - Talk to Pyrite again

Tasks are marked incomplete in journal (Green gem symbol) and there's still an exclamation mark above the pony I'm suposed to talk to and also on minimap. Loadsa Monet won't talk to me at all, the other two just give me the basic conversations.

What should be happening:
All tasks should be marked complete after the quest itself is completed...

Steps to reproduce the issue:
I wasn't able to reproduce the issue with another of my characters, the cause of the problem seems to be already resolved. Since all of those quests were those I didn't complete in a single day, it looks like some changes/bugfixes were made to the quests while I had them active.

Reproduced by:

I can provide screens, but I don't think they would be necessary in that case.

This is an issue with leftover quest markers. The solution is being worked on, but has not yet been deployed.