Falling through floors in the gem mines
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What is happening:
In certain circumstances, my low-level pegasus colt is able to fall through floors in the mines.

What should be happening:
Floors should always be solid.

Steps to reproduce the issue:
I tried several time to reproduce the issue; unfortunately, I only succeeded once, and I'm not quite sure why.


I was fighting level one manticores and husky diamond dogs at the bottom of the gem mines. Because I was playing a level four filly without armour (but with level six - almost level seven - in flying), this involved regularly getting defeated and fainting. (Sometimes there was a delay after getting the "you have fainted" message in chat and before getting the option to respawn on-screen - on one occasion, this delay was long enough that I was able to run all the way up to the mine exit, then exit and immediately re-enter the mine).

As I was playing a pegasus, I was taking the high tunnel down to the manticores - the one on the left, that comes out to a set of scaffolding leading down to the main cavern floor in several slopes.

After running down this tunnel on several occasions without incident, I was quite surprised to drop unexpectedly *through* the floor, and fell until I hit the bottom and reappeared at the entrance.

At this point, some experimentation showed that whatever had gone wrong was persistent. I managed to get a couple of other players to come into the mine, and the tunnel floor was solid for them, but permeable to me. I tried running on it, I tried walking on it, I tried flying through it - the tunnel floor did not stop me in any way, and I could easily drop into the starscape surrounding the mines. (It seemed I could also pass through the wall of the large chamber at the far end of the tunnel, going out - going back into the mine, I could enter through any wall or floor anywhere if I flew there).

After I exited the mine through the portal into Ponydale and re-entered it, the tunnel floor was again solid.

As another test, I exited (via the Ponydale portal) and immediately re-entered the mine. I let the creatures at the bottom of the mine beat me up; and, after being defeated (and getting the "You Have Fainted" chat message), I tried to run for the exit. I did not make it, and got the "Respawn" button partway to the exit. I respawned, and charged back down to the manticores, passing (without falling through the floor) through the tunnel I had had the problem in previously, leaped (and, as I recall, flew a bit) into the chamber that leads to the manticore tunnel. The moment I stepped into the manticore tunnel, I fell through the floor. Same as before, the floor was permeable to me and me alone, but it was a different floor.

I left the mine, re-entered it, and the floor was fine. I tried a few more times to reproduce the bug, but was unable to do so.

Game client version:
LoE_linux_0.1.8_f621f00.zip (version 1.8)

Reproduced on:
Linux, Gentoo, 64-bit

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Fixed as of v2018.10.01