Flying Skills are still not quite working (List of things wrong)
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What is happening:

  1. Wind Rapier will use stacks but won't actually do anything at least the time I have tried it. Its stacks that are used won't vanish, the ones that remain are visual and not really there to be usable for wind rapier use.
  1. Blowback has horrible range, it way too specific where you must be for it to land a hit. Does not do Damage over Time (DoT) Saying on one of the passives that it would do damage per tick.
  1. Cyclone, Wind Rapier, and Blowback's passives all do not work.

What should be happening:

  1. Wind Rapier should work as intended, most likely to deal damage. The visual stacks should vanished when used, instead of staying on screen.
  1. Blowback needs dependable range and should not require to stand at a very specific distance to work. Should apply DoT if its suppose to.
  1. Passive for these three abilities need to work and do what is described.

Steps to reproduce the issue:

  1. Get a stack of Wind Rapier (use airstep to generate them) and use wind rapier on a enemy, it won't do anything. The stacks will stick after use but it is just visual and cannot be use to do more wind rapiers.
  1. Use Blowback at varying distance of any enemy you see, you will have a hard time landing a hit after many use trying to find a spot. DoT is not applied when it finally does hit, it will just do straight damage.
  1. Use these skills as they are, now activate passives, try again, witness they will not make any sort of difference.

Game client version:
Launcher 0.4, Vers. 0.1.8b windows 64 bit

Reproduced by:

Reproduced on:
Windows 10, 64 bit

Crash logs or exceptions generated: