Failure to attribute XP with a multiple kill
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What is happening:
When several foes fall with a single strike, only one foe's XP are credited (in the chat/message window).

What should be happening:
XP awarded should either be a tally for the foes, or list the awards from each foe.

Steps to reproduce the issue:
Get into a battle with several foes. e.g. Rock Golums and hornets. after battling them for a while, kill them all with a stored strike, etc.
Total points awarded will be pathetic - perhaps one hornet's worth. Total 200 to 300XP instead of the 600+ one gets per rock golum.

Game client version:
Both versions since open release

Reproduced on:
Win 64

otherunicorn renamed this task from Failure to attribute TP with a multiple kill to Failure to attribute XP with a multiple kill.

On here it been noted in T1120

But I believe the problem is just how the game handles XP rewards, there has to be a skill used at least once before a mob has fallen, if a 2nd mob or more falls before that, it wouldn't count cause there no skill to check on that determines what XP to give you.

Least this is how I believe it is happening, you can easily find out it works this way by using a skill before battle, then going into a battle to witness that you get XP even for something used outside of a battle, like magic XP for teleporting around.

A multiple kill with a skill such as Stored Strike is still causing the issue.