Loot chest suggestions
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Currently it takes two mouse clicks (or more) to pick up a loot chest. Sometimes the mouse cursor leaps to the center of the screen. Chest cluttering the screen make it impossible to target a desired enemy (which is pretty iffy to start with).
Additionally, during Candy Shower, the feather cursor is extremely hard to see, making collecting chests almost impossible.
Question one. Why are two clicks needed? (Select, then Pick Up.) A single click would be more than adequate.
Question two. Why do we need to click on them AT ALL? We have earned them, so why do we not gather them automatically?
Question three. Why do chests even exist? It would be better if loot was attributed in the same way as experience/training points.
You have gained 230 in Medical
You have gained 178 in Partying
You have gained 48 bits

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Probably the only compromise I can see is making it so a single click gives it to you, admittedly it is hard to see your chests at times when say a pegasus golem is destroyed, their rocks very often blocks where the chest is, making you have to find it.

The targeting wouldn't be a issue if the tab targeting wasn't also broken at the moment to only target the first one it sees and gets stuck on it. Though that for another kind of report altogether, I would rather be able to click the chest first regardless as vice versa could be just as annoying, many chests but can't grab cause it prioritize the enemy over your many chests they overlapping on.

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Automatic pickup has been enabled for chests as well as using T to pick them up. Closing this up.