Supposedly finished quest...
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I finished the A Wolf in Horse Clothing Quest as well as the An Equestrian Werepony in the Evershade Quest but there still is that exclamation point notification leading me back to the Evershade forest where my crew waits with me not able to talk to them. I tried to ignore this problem and went on to doing the Sugar Quest, which worked for a while. But after getting the sugar rush, I was supposed to be taught a new skill. But the skill was not taught to me, so now, I am stuck.

The game should have registered that I had finished the quests and helped me finish the Sugar quest, and I should have learned the Candy Shower skill.

I reset and replayed the game twice but the issue keeps happening to me.

Please fix.

The new skill will appear as an active skill in your journal. Open the journal. CLick on your skills page. Click on Partying. Candy Shower should have a green edging surrounding it. Drag it to an empty space on your hotbar and use as normal.

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The issues with remaining quest markers on the foal story quests has now been resolved and will clear when you go through graduation and become an adult.