I can't change the size of my screen!!! NEED HELP
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What is happening:
Okay, I fixed the other issue (the one that had the "Error!" message on my screen) and it reset the size of my screen. I asked one of my friends "how to increase the size of my screen" and he told me to go into settings, then video and then click full-screen. As I did that, it completely messed up my screen, leaving me with this:


...and what's even worse is that I can't even login into the game. It's not that I'm having any issues with my password, I can't even type it since everything is so 'compressed' :C


I tried pressing CTRL + SHIFT + F4 and it wouldn't 'manually' change the size of my screen. I tried this with my other games and it works. Why is it NOT working for Legends Of Equestria? :C

Also, it's REALLY hard to navigate through the settings like this :C


Heck, I can't even click on the arrow keys. The only way I can scroll through this is by using the 'wheel' on my mouse...

What should be happening:

I should have a screen looking like this:
(well...without the "Error!" issues of course :P)


Steps to reproduce the issue:

I simply clicked the full-screen option under videos in settings and then this happens...

Game client version:

I've downloaded the latest version of the game...

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If you can manage to get to the video settings and get down to the full screen option, simply uncheck it and your screen will return to whatever video settings you had before you checked full screen. If you cannot manage to reset it, then you may want to consider deleting the game client (this will NOT delete your ponies in the game) and then reinstalling the game client.

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