“Error!” messages keep popping up on my screen!!!
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What is happening:
Okay, can some-pony PLEASE help me with this? D: I'm having this issue where I can’t login into the game (the game was working perfectly fine yesterday). This is what keeps popping up on my screen:


Why am I having this problem? :( Is it because I’m using an older version of the game? Or something else? :O
This is the version of the game I’m currently using:


...and I have NO idea wheter this is the updated version or not...

What should be happening:
The game should be loading with no dramas at all. It was working just fine a couple of hours ago before I had to go to bed and as soon as I got back on, this happens...

Steps to reproduce the issue:

Well...I click on the "LoE_win32_0.1.8_f621f00" folder and I wait for the game to load. As soon as the login screen appears, I type in my username and password and that's when the problem occurs...

Once again, this is the problem I'm having:


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You'll need to go into the user profile on your computer and look under the AppData folder, followed by the LocalLow folder. There will be an LoE folder. Followed by a Legends of Equestria folder. Delete that and everything under it, then try logging in again. Here's a general idea of where you are looking: %USERPROFILE%\AppData\LocalLow\loe\Legends of Equestria\

If you search under the term AppData, it should bring up the AppData folders for any users on the computer.