[Suggestion] Lower the access level of some client-side commands
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There are a few commands with TeamMember+ access levels that could be useful to the average player

Utility commands: Useful to have around

Its always useful to know FPS, and this would make it much easier to get
No real harm could be caused by enabling it


Useful for storing and loading silly /function commands in a much simpler way
Would allow configuration commands like /maxchatlines to be loaded on start

/keys, /keyup, /keydown

Would allow macro-like commands without needing third party software


Having some method of changing mouse sensitivity would be nice

'Debug' commands: Extra information for bug reports, or for the curious

Would make sharing the positions of some things easier
Could also be useful in bug reports for hard-to-find things
        i.e. - specific tree floating off the ground, weird glitch in certain spot, etc.


Could make NPC censuses for things like the wiki much simpler


Useful for figuring out finicky quests (like the tiny triggers in the cloud rings)

/listskills (I'm assuming this one just lists the skills you own)

A nice fast way to get your current skills
No more harmful then the /inventory command


Source games have it. Not a whole lot to say about this one


Just for fun. Can't see any harm it would cause
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