NPC clones self when in Combat
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What is happening:
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The NPC Crystal Clear clones herself when faced with Hostile NPC like a Roc or Timberwolf.
What should be happening:
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She shouldn't be cloning herself, she's an NPC!
Steps to reproduce the issue:
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  • Agro a Nearby Roc and have it chase you as you run towards Crystal Clear
  • Crystal Clear should begin attacking the Roc and Cloning herself rapidly
  • Clones should soon disappear after enemy is defeated

Game client version:
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OAR Release? Build: v 0.1.8
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Microsoft 64 bit
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It happening because Crystal Clear is being fainted so a new "Crystal Clear" NPC takes her place, this can be rapid if some reason she keeps fainting rapidly when respawning.

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Issue was fixed in more recent builds.