Water animations
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What is happening:
It`s possible to stand on water, walk and perform various animations, npcs appear to be able to walk on water too. It`s also possible to swim in the ground.

Steps to reproduce the issue:
While swimming and jumping if an attack or an action is performed the character will be able to stand onto the water.
Npcs seems to be able to walk on water (guards and a rabbit).
Go to ponydale and locate the end of the river near the mines. On the left side it`s possible to run up the cliff facing the invisible wall, this will trigger the swimming animation even in the ground.

Reproduced by:
Blue Charm

Reproduced on:
windows10 64bit


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Will add that swimming on land is also possible in the tree fountains in the Heartlands:


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I'm going to add that these following actions cause a toggle between the swim/stand animation.
Common Occurrences; 1: Opening your bag or journal. 2: Making a change in settings and pressing the "back to game" button.
Rare Occurrences;
1: Toggling hud with F1. 2: Changing from fullscreen to windowed or vise-versa with alt+enter.

Video of bag toggling: https://webmshare.com/M0xP0

Basically from what I can tell, any action that causes a big pause will cause the toggle.

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Found a nasty pegasi bug with water animation: Play as an earth or unicorn pony and log out while swimming. Switch to pegasi, and at this point you will find yourself unable to fly. The only two ways I know to get it working again is to a) restart client b) change servers

I'm not sure how the server ties into this exact bug, but somehow it does.

The following skills allow the player to stand on water:
Seismic Buck
Regenerative Aura
Stored Strike

Pets can also walk on water.