Screen problems: Enternal Minimize window...
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Hello, My name is Brandon

And I have a problem with window expansion: Specifically the window for the game.

I downloaded the game and launched it no problems. I decided to fiddle with the resolution settings and choose the lowest settings to see if I

get the top performance. I ended up with a 5in by 5in box at the start menu and game window. I cannot change the window size because the

settings will not appear. Its kind of like this

You cant see the settings, just like when I was messing with the video and resolution settings. I can't even choose my character because it is

out of the frame. I tried right clicking the window bar and it gives the "Minimize" option, and the "maximize" option does not comply. Like it

wasn't supposed to be used, it is also gray in the picture above. is there a way to have a maximize button for the window?

Thank You

Contact Information:

Legends of Equestria Account Name: XIFluttershyIX

Did you ever get help? I have the same problem but on full screen.