Bugged Combat System
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What is happening:
When a pony is in combat with 2 or more creatures and defeating them one of these different things happen. 1) xp value is for one creature when defeating 2 or creatures at a time. 2) When the first creature is defeated by (i.e. Candy Shower) and it defeats a second creature before using any other skills. There is no xp value for any skills. 3) If any skill is used before next creature is defeated (i.e. Friends Forever) the full xp value is given to the Animal skill set.
Also when using 2 or more skills the xp value is divided by the number of uses. If I use any combat skill once along with say party skill. The xp value becomes half. If I use 2 combat skills and medic xp value changes to 2/3 combat and 1/3 medic. Once the creature has been defeated the values of each skill resets too 0/0 skills used on any other creature your engaged with. If your target is your pet the values are still the same and if you use medic skill before any combat the value changes from 1/1 of said skill and stacks until the next creature is defeated resetting the values once more.

What should be happening:
Values of each creature should have separate values that don't reset the values based on other creatures.

Steps to reproduce the issue:
Take a lvl 50 pony and go to evershade forest. Gather up the Living Bushes and use Candy Shower once and any other skill you should chose to use as well. Then watch the logs and see the effects. Since levels don't effectively change any of the xp value of said creatures.

Reproduced by:
I don't know if any other Pony has, but I thought doing this in detail might help since I can't see the overall Phabricator forms.

Have video but can't get it too load on here. It won't let me put an .avi

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