invisible npcs
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What is happening:
some ponies are invisibe after a game restart.
after a lot of restarts they returned.
invisible ponies: Hullabaloo, Geizhufe, Cirrus, Scribble, Astral

What should be happening:
ponies should be visible

Steps to reproduce the issue:
I don't know exactly why it appears.
Play the game
log out (i got kicked from the server due to an reboot)
connect to the server
notice ponies missing
restart the game, reconnect
notice ponys still missing
connect to the other server (I normally connect to europonia, so for me it is amareicas)
be happy because the ponies are back
connect to the server you normally connect to (for me this is europonia)
be happy becuase the ponies are still there

Game client version:

tell me where the file is, I'll post it.

If you need screenshots from other npc, tell me.

Possibly a duplicate of T136

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This issue was related to the server lag problem and has now been resolved.