Skill book visual bug for Animal Care skills
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What is happening:
When you spend all of your TP for upgrading Animal Care (other talents maybe also affected) skills they're shown as unlearned/unupgraded visually in the skill book even if you have learned/upgraded these skills.

What should be happening:
I think they're at least supposed to be shown according to your progress with them (aka how much they are upgraded at the moment and which skills are learned)

Steps to reproduce the issue:
Get some TP in any talent and spend them all on skills and their upgrades and look at the skill book.

Game client version:
Latest OAR build (v.0.1.8)

Reproduced by:

Reproduced on:
Windows 7 SP1 Ultimate x64

Crash logs or exceptions generated:

Before spending TP:

After spending:

Also, i'd like to know - is that a really reportable issue like other visual bugs i saw ingame before?

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Issue has been fixed in recent builds.