Disconnected: connection timed out (can't play)
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What is happening:
Every time I try to log on to a server, I only have 15 seconds to play the game before the game automatically disconnects me saying "disconnected: Connection timed out". I've tried everything I can such as re-downloading the game, reset my modem a countless number of times, flushed my DNS, and nothing is happening.

What should be happening:
What should be happening is i should be able to play the game without having the server disconnect me in 15 seconds.

Steps to reproduce the issue:
Startup game, log in, select server, create/edit character, press okay, 15 seconds later it times out and disconnects me


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No one else experiences this issue as far as I'm aware. You should attach your output_log.txt in the loe_data folder

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I have this issue now too. But yesterday I had to move out of my dorm room (where I had been playing LoE since it came out with no problems whatsoever) and set up my laptop back at home. I played it yesterday afternoon *before* I moved out, but this morning (now at home) I tried and found that I was being disconnected consistently. I'm sure this is directly caused by a difference between my school's wireless network and my home wireless network, because that is the only thing that has changed.

Sometimes when I connect, I get to control my character for a few seconds, read chat messages, talk to NPCs, and do everything my character would normally be able to do as if I was still connected. Apparently I AM still connected when I get the "Connection Timed Out" popup. But sometimes I don't get to control my character and I just get to enjoy a bird's eye view of the Crystal Kingdom for a few seconds before the popup appears.

I'll attach my output log. It had gotten pretty big, so I cleared it before reproducing my problem a few times and sending it here.

I appear to have solved my own "Connection Timed Out" problem.

I noticed my computer was treating my home network as a public network by default for some reason, like at my school. Even though LoE works fine on the school's network, which is public by default, I had to tell my computer to treat my home network as private again. Now LoE works fine. No more "Connection timed out" popups. Yay.

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This issue should be solved by recent game updates. Closing this up.

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This issue should be solved by recent game updates. Closing this up.

Excuse me it can't have been resolved, it's happening with me.

Is there any idea of sorting this problem? I've been dying to play this game for months now.

This issue should be solved by recent game updates. Closing this up.

I beg to differ. Even after one year:

In T1624#36662, @KJDash wrote:

[...] I've been dying to play this game for months now.

and, now, two years:
These following screenshots happened earlier this day:

This following screenshot was taken less than 20 minutes after:

Another weird thing: I can only access the server with a higher ping, which is supposed to be not too much of a good thing, as far as I'm concenred

This is just 5 minutes ago, Amareicas:

If you need this to be mentioned: I am using Windows 10 64-bit on the latest update; my graphics card is Intel i5.

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Ever since I tried playing this game I constantly keet getting the "connection timed out" issue

I can't even create a character without it popping up