Disconnected: connection timed out (can't play)
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What is happening:
Every time I try to log on to a server, I only have 15 seconds to play the game before the game automatically disconnects me saying "disconnected: Connection timed out". I've tried everything I can such as re-downloading the game, reset my modem a countless number of times, flushed my DNS, and nothing is happening.

What should be happening:
What should be happening is i should be able to play the game without having the server disconnect me in 15 seconds.

Steps to reproduce the issue:
Startup game, log in, select server, create/edit character, press okay, 15 seconds later it times out and disconnects me


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No one else experiences this issue as far as I'm aware. You should attach your output_log.txt in the loe_data folder

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I have this issue now too. But yesterday I had to move out of my dorm room (where I had been playing LoE since it came out with no problems whatsoever) and set up my laptop back at home. I played it yesterday afternoon *before* I moved out, but this morning (now at home) I tried and found that I was being disconnected consistently. I'm sure this is directly caused by a difference between my school's wireless network and my home wireless network, because that is the only thing that has changed.

Sometimes when I connect, I get to control my character for a few seconds, read chat messages, talk to NPCs, and do everything my character would normally be able to do as if I was still connected. Apparently I AM still connected when I get the "Connection Timed Out" popup. But sometimes I don't get to control my character and I just get to enjoy a bird's eye view of the Crystal Kingdom for a few seconds before the popup appears.

I'll attach my output log. It had gotten pretty big, so I cleared it before reproducing my problem a few times and sending it here.

I appear to have solved my own "Connection Timed Out" problem.

I noticed my computer was treating my home network as a public network by default for some reason, like at my school. Even though LoE works fine on the school's network, which is public by default, I had to tell my computer to treat my home network as private again. Now LoE works fine. No more "Connection timed out" popups. Yay.