NPC's floating/walking in the air or going/disappearing through/in the ground and enemy NPC's acting weird glitch.
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What is happening:
Pony NPC's are floating or walking in the air also going through or disappearing in the ground. In the case of the NPC "Mellow Cloud" it's really annoying since you need that NPC for a quest and you need to chase her which is pretty hard if she walks in the air or goes through the ground. I also saw a guard NPC in "Ponydale" dashing like a maniac with a insane speed through the streets. The enemy NPC's are also twitching and jumping around so you can't really focus on them.

What should be happening:
They should run smoother and keep on the path. Not walking or floating in the air or going through walls and the ground.

Steps to reproduce the issue:
Log into the game.
Go to "Cloudopolis".
Look for the NPC "Mellow Cloud" and follow her.
Go to the "Evershade Forest" and watch the enemies there.
Go to "Ponydale" and watch the guard ponies there.

Game client version:
V 0.1.8.

Reproduced by:
Forum name of anyone having reproduced this issue, if any

Reproduced on:
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Crash logs or exceptions generated:
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