Midnight Mind Meld
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What is happening:
While exploring the rightmost tower of the Cantermore school, a pony named Midnight Breeze began talking to me about singing. She asked some questions, which I answered, then asked me to take a step back, and go to "another marked spot." The dialog ended, and I looked, but did not see a marked spot. I walked a bit away towards the entrance to the school, and she spoke to me again, saying the exact same stuff she said before.

What should be happening:
Magic ponies from Ponydale should not perform telepathy on innocent unicorn colts in Cantermore.

Steps to reproduce the issue:
Enter the game, go to the school in Cantermore, and go up and down the rightmost tower. I have only had it happen twice.

Game client version:
v 0.1.8

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Crash logs or exceptions generated:


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