Quick Bits v2 + Glitch into E
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**What is happening:**
The Pegasus Rock Golems ( level 45 ) drop Sunlight Front Legs too frequently which cause players to grind up to 100,000 bits in less than 30 minutes. These Pegasus Rock Golems drop the items more frequently than my last post where the dragons dropped. The Pegasus Rock Golems are easier to kill as well using Stored Strike you can 1 shot them without having to fear at all. The dragons that got removed and fixed from the last bug report could kill you easily if not done properly, but these Pegasus Rock Golems can't which make it easy to gain bits really quick.

What should be happening:
The Pegasus Rock Golems should have a lower drop rate for the armor pieces making it rare to obtain this item.

Steps to reproduce the issue:
Proceed to the Pegasus Rock Golems located in Evershade, active Stored Strike and run aimlessly in the middle of the Golems until they are agro on you. Once they rush you simply press the Stored Strike again which will allow you to instantly kill them. Finally loot their droppings and enjoy 400+ bits as well as Sunlight Front Legs. Kill at least 5-10 to see how much armor you get in a short amount of time.

Game client version:
Build : v 0.1.8

Reproduced by:
All I know is me and my friend.

Reproduced on:
Windows 7 (64-bit)

Crash logs or exceptions generated:

http://prntscr.com/gm0uaj - Location of the Pegasus Rock Golems

https://gyazo.com/b9712fdbc473467b05e3841301a11514 - This is what the Chat Logs will be like
https://gyazo.com/41296499082ab9c8a10320887e20aabf - Glitch to get into the Castle in Evershade

Huski created this task.Sep 16 2017, 9:52 PM

Maybe just change the armor so it can not be sold, traded, but not sold.

Rattletrap closed this task as Resolved.Mar 15 2019, 4:07 AM
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Fixed as of v2018.10.01