An opening in the 'ceiling' of the bramble woods
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What is happening:
There is an opening in the bramble woods that can lead to getting out of the main map, allowing you to get on top of the branches that act as a ceiling and barrier, not allowing the player to escape.

What should be happening:
There should be not a single opening allowing a player to escape.

Steps to reproduce the issue:
Hopefully the pictures I can provide will be enough to reach the area to find this opening.
The first link in screenshots shows the area I found the opening in. Hopefully it's enough to go off of to find it again.
The second link is in the same area, though I climbed up the little hill to find this opening.

Game client version:
If this means the build, it's v 0.1.8

Reproduced by:
I believe I'm the first to of discovered this.

Reproduced on:
Unsure, but I believe any can reproduce this, if this is what this question is asking for.

Crash logs or exceptions generated:
No crashes, just an opening in a map


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Issue has been fixed as of build v2018.10.01