A weird invisible forcefield is blocking me from walking into Bramble woods
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**What is happening:*
Hello, I seem to be stuck outside the Bramble woods but i am stopped from entering whatsoever becuase the forcfield won't let me move foward, here is a picture of what is happening to me.

What should be happening
i should be inside the bramble woods trying to find my way back to the heartlands

Steps to reproduce the issue:
-game opens
-i respawn inside the bramble woods
-i try to find my way back to the Heartlands but come across a weird exit that leads to where i am in the picture
-i try to go back into bramble woods but this grey force field stops me from entering
-i am completely stuck and i have no way back to the heartlands and i can barely move :(

Reproduced by:
Force field


thank you for listening and i hope this bug will be squashed soon.

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Bramble Woods currently doesn't have any boundaries so it is easy to currently escape and get lost on the outside. Boundaries are coming in the next version.
In the meantime just use /stuck to respawn at the map start.

okay, thank you :)

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