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The first time I downloaded the game all the words were just covered by pink blank rectangles where the words should be and when I relaunch it, it just pops up with the same result.

R4VYY added a subscriber: R4VYY.Sep 12 2017, 11:10 AM

i have the same problem with a error 403 ( i think cause i tried to log in, blindly, and i cant acces to the game )

most likely GPU/drivers problem.

Add your PC specs (cpu/gpu/ram/os at least)!!

R4VYY added a comment.Sep 13 2017, 9:38 PM

windows 10
4g ram

I Have The Same Problem But idk how to fix it :P

Dark_Twilight added a comment.EditedSep 17 2017, 3:16 PM

If you had been using older builds delete games temp folder %USERPROFILE%\AppData\LocalLow\loe\

Pink assets seems to be shader bug but for some reasons it does not affect everyone, in unity3d textures need to be manually checked if they are properly assigned, but it could happen if you got old assets in temp folder thus delete that folder to be sure.

More on this here:

Also i asked you to add your GPU....
Might be that this problem is more common on older GPU's

Other possible cause is that you barely meet minimum requirements. (Game actually should need 512+ MB of VRAM on GPU) If you hit the mark of running out of memory on your GPU you might experience visual bugs or low fps/shutter.

I'm not a computer expert so i'm gonna ask

What is a GPU?

Dark_Twilight added a comment.EditedSep 17 2017, 3:38 PM

graphics processing unit. If you want then just download GPU-Z from google and it will give you all info on your GPU (for CPU use CPU-Z)

Okay so i deleted the unity stuff and downloaded the unity personal

is dat bad ._.

unity's links were for the devs not endusers.

anyway delete games temp folder %USERPROFILE%\AppData\LocalLow\loe\, no idea what you deleted now but if you deleted something from the game client then you need to redownload it (loe game).

If you got still pink screen update your graphics drivers and try again, if youre using integrated gpu max out in bios GPU's VRAM in bios.

Other than that post your gpu name. If it is quite old or it does not have enough VRAM you will experience low fps/shutter or other bugs.

i searched the folder %USERPROFILE%\AppData\LocalLow\loe\ up on the thing and its not there
plus scence i deleted the unity thing loe crashes and now i cant play it ;-;

If you run the game even once and if youre on windows you should have a folder named Legends of Equestria under that path. Also i told you that you need to redownload the game or extract the game from it's zip/rar file if you still got the downloaded file becouse i got no idea what you just deleted. Also you do not need to have unity3d or player installed from unity's page to run the game. It should just need files provided by the loe launcher or direct game files.

Also update your GPU drivers just in case.

Im just gonna try to re install it

Also how do i update a GPU?

Dark_Twilight added a comment.EditedSep 17 2017, 8:57 PM

To update GPU's drivers First find out what your GPU brand/name is. How to do that is already explaned here. Once you know that for intel's gpu's look on intels site, if it is nvidia's look on nvidia's site, if it is amd look on amd's site.

Wait i re installed it and it still has pink glitch ;-;

What is your GPU name?

It's most likely an updating issue. I've had that issue if I updated without fully updating.

k so i looked at both the little websites you gave me.....And i got confused for navida all though to you computer experts think its very simple.I couldnt even know were to start

What i looked at:

Maybe you could tell what it means?

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Not sure how you got to that page, but if you have an Nvidia graphics card, then you go here, input your info (what type gpu/operating system etc, or you could try the 'Auto Detect' which might work) then download and install it. And if you don't know what graphics card you have, as have been said; get GPU-Z from the page I just linked to (just click where it says 'standard version' to the left, then 'Download' and click on a flag close to you geographically and save it/run it). Hope you get it working, good luck.

and how do you see a graphics card?

that is my problem and this is my pc

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Closing this as the solution has been listed several times and is pinned in the Game Discussion section of the public LoE Discord