Rehearsal Roundup Crystal Empire bug
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What is happening:
When you do the Rehearsal Roundup quest in the Crystal Empire, it asks you to talk to about 25 ponies. One of them, called Groundpound, is impossible to talk to. Clicking on him just doesn't do anything.

What should be happening:
You should be able to right click on him and talk to him, but selecting "Talk" does nothing.

Steps to reproduce the issue:
Really it's just, he's there and he's broken

Reproduced by:
Myself, my boyfriend who is playing with me.

Reproduced on:
I use Windows 64 bit

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Lumineer next to the Crystal Kingdom train station appears to be bugged too. The player is still able to talk to him but the quest dialogue will not trigger. The quest appears to be completed too while talking to this NPC

Edit: 3x Song Sheet Music Item left in my Inventory

Build - 0.1.8
Windows 10 64x

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This issue has been resolved in recent builds.